Following the rise of temperatures from March to May, discover the majestic landscape of and around the unofficial Capitalcity of the Alps: Innbruck.

The juvenile feeling of the city, embraced by rough peaks in the north and south, is heavily owed to the more than 40 thousand students from all over the world.
Attracted by the seemingly unlimited possibilities to spend your time actively, we travelled to town in the hope to find prove that the common joke that people, that once move to town would never leave it again and and therefore you could instantly delete their contacts, was just a hoax.

From a decent dose of street culture & art to a broad offering of high standard education, job opportunities, affordable housing and for many most important: members of the other gender to mate with; we found it all. Lay back and get informed before you make it to this golden roofed (to be taken literally) city in Austria that for some of the following folks and a cheesy German word game is what Brooklyn is for New York. A vibrant center of creative life.
Landhausplatz, one of European finest skate placas has developed into a hub for contemporary street culture connecting people from all over the world to enjoy the unique marble features that were intendely designed to put Innsbruck on the map of concrete lovers as much as it has a name in Skiing and Snowboarding circles.  
If you haven´t heart or unknowingly seen him on a bike related commercial or contest, it's definitely time to check out Fabio Wibmer  and his fearless approach to urban and downhill biking. We had a great little afternoon session on the stairs of the Landhausplatz version of the arc de triomphe memorating the fallen heros of Austria withstanding Nazi collaboration. Seeing people of all faiths and ethnic groups peacefully enjoying the comfortable temperatures as soon as the spring sun hits the quick drying special concrete shows the immensely positive sociological impact a project like this can have on a whole city. 

To see more of Fabio riding all of the now turned iconic spots in Read more about him on his Red Bull profile wall  and stay tuned for our RED EPIC 6K City short. 

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