Following up on a wild week of Deus ex Machina´s flamboyant 9ft & Single Surf Event in Bali´s hipster beach Eldorado Canggu, Lewie Dunn & HeileWelt´s Moritz Richard decide to pack boards and film gear to leave the dirty and crowded line-ups of Bali to search for peace & solitude while hoping to get lucky within the clear waters of a less known hidden little gem.
Backed with a promising though super tight swell, tide & wind window of only three to four hours through Surfline´s Pro Forecast there was not much disappointment waking up without even a slight drip of whitewater at the edges of the still dry reef.
At least of the, for this season and spot, usual disruptive trade winds was not a hair felt to be bend at this so hoped for glorious morning. 
An hour and a hallucinating breakfast cigarette later,  you can imagine the two not believing their eyes spotting the first little set roll over the reef. Did this really just happen? Did all yesterday´s bus and boat hustle in the end really pay of ?  After hard negotiations with the youngster operator and his family, they even already had chartered a boat for the day, independent from if the whole trip would turn into a surf or rather a afternoon fish barbecue serenade. 
With the tide rapidly filling the pass just enough for a first chest high little barrel to perfectly peel over the translucent blue, Lewie can´t hold his feet on the beach and paddles out into the shiny waters between all the boats anchored in the harbor bay. 
It was one of these surreal tropical Indo mornings where sets seemingly out of nowhere approach the reef from an bold uptight flat horizon to put the last final touch on an already too perfect scenery that could jump straight out a Gaughin painting. Some would call it Kitsch Kitsch, for us it was the perfect world.
'Heile Welt' finally found?
As they approach hit the reef exactly in time while they boat out to edge in hip deep to score perfect waves at a well hidden break peeling over a colorful reef in the clear waters of a close by paradise island. 

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